Monitor and Manage Student Screens In Real Time

Monitor and Manage Student Screens In Real Time

Students are not always on task when they should be. They may try to play games, explore social media, or browse the web. With Vision, you can see everything your students are doing on their computers. Be able to see at a glance who is on track and who needs some extra help.

If you have a daily schedule that includes specific time when students should be working, you can use Vision to monitor and assist as needed.

Live View provides a closeup view of any student’s screen Need to document what you see? Click Snapshot to save a copy of the image on your computer

Send a Message with suggestions, encouragement, or redirection to a particular student.

Send a Message to the entire class to provide additional instructions

Web filter limits browsing to keep students on task

If you are holding office hours, Vision can facilitate 1:1 communication during this time. Instead of sending links back and forth, simply view what’s on their screen:

To support a changing roster, create an Office Hours class in Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams and send the invitation link to the student. Start the Office Hours class in Vision. While you and the student talk over Google Voice, Google Meet or the phone, the student can share their work with you by opening it on their screen. Unenroll the student from the Office Hours Classroom so you do not capture them again.

If a student is having trouble with their Chromebook or an online resource, you can use the Live View feature in Vision to see a full view of the student’s laptop and help resolve the issue.

Snapshot (within Live View) can document the problem. Send the image to your IT team for faster problem determination and resolution.